Applications should be electronically submitted as ONE DOCUMENT to:

Dr. Kathryn Conroy, Executive Director

(This ONE document can be either one Word.doc or one PDF)

Please note these guidelines for submissions:

  • Only emailed applications will be accepted.

  • Applications must meet the funding priorities of the Foundation.

  • The board of the Foundation reviews applications twice yearly in May and December. The deadlines for submitting a written application are March 31 and October 31 in each year.

  • Applications from individuals are not considered.

  • Organizations must be incorporated nonprofits

  • No more than one proposal from an organizational entity will be considered at any given time.

  • Organizations can receive funding only in three consecutive years.

  • There is a preference for grants in the New York City but grants are also made in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The following sections of the application must be submitted as one document: 

  • Cover Sheet – Please use only the cover sheet page from the NY/NJ Common Applications form

  • Project description – A clear concise description of the project for which the grant is sought, including at minimum the entity’s and the project’s purpose, history, target population, staff qualifications, and project accomplishments to date;

  • Project significance – A statement about the potential benefits of the project;

  • Project evaluation – A clear description of the evaluation component of the project, and for an ongoing project, the results of prior evaluations;

  • Applicant entity – A description of the applicant organization;

  • Applicant organization and project funding–

    • Description of the primary source(s) of funding of the applicant organization

    • Institutional budget of the applicant

    • Budget for the project for which the grant is sought, including funds on hand. If the project budget is substantially greater than the amount sought from this Foundation, a showing of additional sources from which the balance will be obtained or how the budget will be reduced if full funding is not obtained;

  • CV of Project Director;

  • Proof of not-for-profit tax exempt status under the U.S. Internal Revenue code;

  • Most recent financial audit;

  • List of Board of Directors.